Mental Training

Here is a blog I wrote for LAX Crossfit that got posted tonight. Hey I wrote it, so I can promote it right? 
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Stepping into the box and getting ready to tackle that day’s WOD is challenging. Stepping into the box with an injury is challenging and just all around sucks. Looking at the white board and realizing you can maybe do one of the 4 movements that day is disappointing. Looking at your fellow athletes doing 20 inch-box jumps while you breeze through 12 inch step ups is just embarrassing.

What I have come to know over the last month is that being injured is so much more mental than it is physical. I know physically what my restrictions are as my foot will remind me when I piss it off (like when I wear high heels for too long or supinate my foot during deadlifts). The physical is easy to manage: you have things you can do and things you cannot do. My brain (and ego) have some catching up to do though. I want it to be MY choice to not run a race or to participate in the CrossFit Games’ WOD’s. I don’t want to be restricted when it’s not on my own accord.

Sometimes people who are injured need the most encouragement (at least I know I do). It is really easy to have a pity party and focus on all the things you can’t do, which I find myself doing more times than I care to count. I choose to not have a pity party and remind myself for one, at least I can still work out. I also remind myself that just because I have to modify workouts does not mean that it is any easier than what everyone else is doing. (Try doing double unders on one foot and you will know what I mean). Injuries are temporary and while they feel like they might be slowing you down, they can also be a good opportunity to reset goals while it heals.

I am willing myself to not look at what I can’t do and to look at what I can do. While I may not be able to do 50% of movements, there is still the other 50% I can do and get better at. Stringing more unassisted ring dips together and rocking out more consecutive pull ups are skills I can spend time improving on so when I do have two functioning feet again, I will be that much better of a better athlete.Image

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