“Say Cheese!”

Disclaimer: I am by no means a medical expert so take this post with a grain of salt (as maybe working out in hard casts isn’t the big no-no I have always thought it was). If I am totally off base, please please tell me! This is just a pet peeve of mine and going to blog it out of my system.


When most people see a picture posted of an athlete doing step ups on crutches while having a foot in a cast or an athlete doing squats with an arm in a cast, they think “wow that’s so bad ass!” When I see those pictures, I cringe and think “Gross, they are probably growing mold”.

From what I know, when you are in a cast, you can’t get it wet.  It’s annoying for sure (I do not ever want to have bathe with a plastic bag over my foot in cast dangling off the side of the tub ever again) but it’s just the way it is.

When I was in a cast, I was always trying to find ways to work out. Doing dumbbell curls with 10 pounders on the couch just wasn’t cutting it. I asked my doctor if I could maybe do some pilates exercises that didn’t involve my foot (is that even possible??) and he told me a big fat no. “You can’t get your cast wet from the outside or inside. That means no exercise as it results in sweat.”

Don’t believe me? I met someone once who had a broken arm and grew mold inside his cast. Can you imagine growing mold inside something you can’t take off? Mold is pesky and gross and to me no workout is worth walking around like a spoiled piece of cheese.

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