What Could be Worse than a Root Canal?

There is one thing that I avoid at all costs. It makes me so anxious, so insecure. I would rather get a root canal. True story. The only time I have to acquiesce is at the doctor’s. You know what I am talking about.  The dreaded scale. Getting weighed is some cruel cruel joke bestowed on us.

My preferred alternative to getting weighed is slightly less scientific. I go with the way my clothes fit method.  It has worked for me for the most part. When I was in personal training I was weighing myself a few times a week and yes it was awesome when the pounds came off. I became too obsessed with it and stopped.

I have avoided monitoring my fitness progress by a scale for a good 3 years. Then recently a topic of discussion came up amongst my CrossFit coach about getting a scan to determine body muscle/fat, etc. No way am I going to pay someone $80 to tell me just how “fat” I am.

So I dodged that and thought I was in the clear… Until I talked to my sister the nutritionist. I seeked her expertise to help me come up with new guidelines for how I should be eating to gain more muscle and lose fat. She told me to start tracking my food (and how I feel before/during/after I eat). And then she asked for what I dread the most “and you are going to have to send me your height and weight.” Fat chance.

I’m about as short as they come. In my head I should weigh about 100 lbs. (I am sure I am nowhere near that).  I hear of other girls’ weights, 5’2 at 105. 5’9 at 125. 5’6 at 120.  Based on that, I don’t need a scale to tell me I am “fat”.  I am not ready to face what a scale tells me.

Ok so having said all that, I do know I need to weigh myself. I’m being a bit dramatic. That’s obvious. The bigger question is why do I hate being weighed so much? Why do so many women in general hate being weighed? Is it because we benchmark ourselves too often against other women? Is it because despite strides being made in fitness that showcase curves and muscles, we almost dismiss that to let a number be the ultimate judge?  Are we letting a number dictate confidence instead of how we feel?

2 thoughts on “What Could be Worse than a Root Canal?

  1. Missy, didn’t you hear???? Strong is the new skinny.

    I hear ya, I feel ya- I don’t make my “recommended” weight for my 5’2″ frame by a long shot, but I firmly believe the shorter we are the harder it is to loose…..with that said, you are not alone and all the skinny celebrities with private chefs and personal trainers for every body part don’t help.

    If you chant ‘strong is the new skinny’ for 28 days- it only takes that long to change a habit 🙂


    1. You are so so right. It’s like mentally it’s sensible. Then either I catch a glimpse in a mirror or see an unflattering picture and all common sense goes out the window. You are right and I do try to strive for strong versus skinny. Ps you look great so f those scales!


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