It’s a Numbers Game

My last post was about my fear of getting on a scale. Just so you know I went beyond that and went for the gold: the body scan. It was an……. Interesting experience. I am still processing it and trying to get over the horrific “photo” that is part of the results. It’s an outline of my body and basically it looks like one large pear that has a layer of muscle with a nice layer of fat surrounding that. Scrumptious. The image is forever engrained in my head.

Putting that aside, I left with some other unexpected emotions. I went back and forth fixating on how much I weigh and the way fat is distributed in my body. The number of pounds is a small part of the full picture. The number that is more telling is my body percentage of fat (and what that number is, well that’s personal and a hard pill to swallow).  It wasn’t easy to see my fat vs lean muscle/tissue on paper even though I fell in the normal /average range. I spent a lot of the evaluation cracking horrible jokes because I was really trying to wrap my head around the science aspect of it and not the emotional side.

By the end of the evaluation I did realize that I am not “fat” per se. I have muscle and I should focus on bringing that number up. To do this, I am working with my sister to come up with a new eating plan to help me focus on gaining muscle. I also will add intensity (and maybe more frequency) to my workouts. The timing to embark in this new stage of my fitness journey is pretty perfect. With the way my foot is healing, I can start slowly upping my game. I am focusing on form and mechanics which means I will fix and hopefully perfect it which means I can take on even heavier loads.

The end result I am striving for is to lower my body fat percentage by 4%. Given my measurements, that would equate to about only a 4 pound weight loss. That last number sounds like a total nonevent on its own.  Imagine if I go on my new plan and weigh myself obsessively every day? I would not see the scale move and probably end up being totally confused and frustrated. Losing 4% body fat, well that could be major changes to my physique. And for that, I am so happy I got talked into getting the body scan. It gives me a new perspective and drive to work that much harder. I don’t quite know how to describe it. There’s just something about seeing hard cold data that makes getting fit seem attainable.

Stay tuned! My goal is to lose the 4% by my birthday this summer. It would be amazing to turn 37 and for the first time in my life feel confident strutting my stuff.


For more information on the body scan, go here:

Great company and I highy recommend them

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