From LAX: Hand-Stand Walkin

As you all probably know by now from my million Instagram and Facebook posts and seeing me at all hours at the box, I was tasked with hand stand walks for the Grid Friday night. Totally freaked out about having to learn it yet not wanting to fail at it, I put in so many extra hours this week working on the skill. And it paid off. I was able to successfully walk 30 feet. It wasn’t consecutive nor was it overall very pretty. But I did it. I practiced and executed the way I set out to. There are a few lessons I was reminded of and want to remind all of you as well as. These aren’t things we haven’t heard before but I do think we tend to lose sight of them.

1. It was not a CrossFit miracle but rather hard work and dedication that paid off. I literally lived and breathed hand stand walks this week. If I wasn’t actually doing them, I was thinking about them, strategizing, watching videos and getting tips from my friends, athletes and coaches. When you want something badly enough you will do it. It’s more than “feeling like I should be able to do that.” I have heard that a lot at the box but usually it is the people who accompany that statement with practice and not just wishful thinking that see results.

2.  Have confidence! I woke up a few mornings and the first thing that crossed my mind was “oh f*ck, I have to do what???” That does nothing but add stress to an already stressful state of mind. I instead should have channeled the confidence everyone else seemed to have in me. People want to see us succeed and they wouldn’t be giving encouragement or praise if they didn’t believe we had what it takes. So remember that and do the same for yourself.

3.  Set realistic goals. Ok this one makes me chuckle because a lot of people could argue that 4 days to learn a really difficult skill such as hand stand walks is anything but realistic. My goal was to learn the skill so that come Friday I could chip away at it which is exactly what I did. There’s a process to doing anything so allow yourself to take the necessary steps to reach that goal.

4.  Learn from those around you. In CrossFit we are surrounded by so many diligent, strong, supportive and genuine people. They come from all sorts of backgrounds and everyone has something to teach you, both about CrossFit and all else things in life. Appreciate every single one. And I am not just talking about the bad ass who seems to do every movement seamlessly. Everyone has a story, advice and support even the people who are stepping foot into CrossFit for the first time.

The biggest reminder that is too worthy to just be #5 in the above list is simply how proud we should be to be part of the CrossFit community. To some, this may seem over the top but as I got home from the Grid, I started thinking about all the people who helped me reach my goal this week and I became very humbled, grateful and sentimental. It shows that it is normal and healthy to get support from our amazing community. (Or perhaps I just require a lot more attention than the average person). So at the risk of sounding like I am once again accepting an Oscar, I want to make a ton of shout outs to my amazing friends and coaches who gave me the tips, confidence and hope that I could walk on my hands.

Nikki (friend and coach at Cave Crossfit) who gave me my first hand stand walk session and stepping stones for the rest of the training that week. The coaches at LAX who all despite that I wasn’t even competing on an LAX team, gave me solid tips and advice and fed my ego by telling me I am strong enough to do this: Kiwi, Keenan, Zoo, Rich, Nick and Salty. Jessica who sent me countless encouraging texts and offered to spot me doing a handstand. Thank you to Lynne who gave me pointers before she coached at Barbells Tuesday night. Pa’ana all the way from Hawaii gave me an great pep talk and follow up message after. All my fellow 6 am’ers who cheered and encouraged me this week. Garrett who in the middle of his intense grueling Invictus training took a few minutes to help me with form and practice, thank you. Nina for coming up to me after and telling me I can’t sandbag anymore and I need to be on the board every time for competitor. (We will see about that). My Grid team, Trial By Error, who were insane enough to vote me in for hand stand walks (I had no choice in the matter). If it wasn’t for them, I never would have attempted. Coach Joshua at V who has let me be part of the V Family and train. He likes to remind me that the point of the Grid is to get out of our comfort zones and it pains me to admit that he is right. Huge thanks to all the teams in Grid who cheered me on during the competition. Hearing the entire gym roar with support absolutely warms my heart. I can’t even describe. Last but not least a really huge thank you to Zylah. I saw her a few of the evenings I was there and she reminded me to keep things in perspective. I already hit a PR that week being able to do a handstand walk and I was giving my team a shot at finishing the WOD.

Thank you to everyone near and far as I know I never would have been able to walk on my hands had it not been for all of you.

Anytime you need a little extra encouragement, just look around you and you will see many people who are there to give you the push you need.

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