The Pros and Cons of the Grid


1. Unlike a lot of other competitions where you compete for the day against many many many many teams and individuals, in the Grid it’s the same teams every week. This makes it feel much more like a friendly competition. There is a huge air of camaraderie and everyone genuinely celebrates each other’s wins and accomplishments. By the end of the six weeks you know most people by name and you probably are following each other on FB and Instagram (i.e. you get to build your network and support system).

2. Like any other competition, more than likely you will get a PR (or two..) along the way. So even if you don’t win that week, who cares? You still did something that gives you bragging rights. (ahem hand stand walks)

3. Getting an intense workout on a Friday night is way more gratifying than inhaling thousands of calories in alcohol (ok so fine this one to some of you might be a con).

4. If you suck at a movement that comes up one week, you don’t have to do it. The beauty of having a full team roster is that you can rotate people in and out week by week based on their strengths. Hate wall balls? Skip that week or strategize so your teammates do that movement.

5. Competing makes you a better athlete. Period.

6. We have all said this before a million times. CrossFit is a community. LAX helped promote a fellow CrossFit (V)  get this first Grid series off the ground.


1. Six weeks was a pretty big commitment. Fortunately, if you had a full team roster, you didn’t need to compete every week. Also in the next Grid series, it is just 4 weeks (with a week off half way through). So I suppose this is a con turned pro.

2. If you are anything like me where competitions stress you out, then it is stress times 6 weeks which can be exhausting mentally. (Then again no pain no gain right? Wow when did I get to be the one to have such a positive spin on things?)

3. Not everyone on your team may be on the same page as you in terms of how you like to prepare for a competition. Some like to wing it. Some like to strategize. No matter what though everyone gives it their all so just set expectations going into it.

With all things said and done (and despite that I admittedly am relieved this series has ended), I am truly happy I participated in this. For once in my life, I couldn’t come up with more cons than pros. So take it from me, if you are at all enticed to be in the next series, DO IT! Don’t overthink it like I did. You’ll feel like a legit competitor and athlete once you go for it.

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