Time to Lead

*Posted this for LAX Crossfit here: http://laxcrossfit.com/2014/10/time-to-lead/

How many times have you been in a class and you see someone either struggling with a movement or notice that his/her form is way off? You cringe for a second and then go back to what you are doing. Maybe you don’t know that person well enough to gauge whether he/she welcomes feedback from you. Or maybe you don’t want the coach in that class to think you are overstepping your boundaries.

The thing is though, as a community, it is actually our responsibility to help each other. Sure we may not be certified coaches but we have been at this long enough to have picked up a few pointers that could help someone else. In fact, I would be willing to bet that there are plenty of people who want the extra guidance but are too shy or embarrassed to ask.

It is like watching a wind up toy bump into a wall over and over again and not doing a thing to change its course of direction. If you see someone repeatedly failing at a handstand push up because his/her hands are positioned too far from the wall, walk over, suggest bringing the hands in and watch that person successfully do one.

There’s a time to lead and it doesn’t make you arrogant or superior by lending a hand. It also isn’t a reflection on the coaches. They can’t watch every single athlete at a time for every second of the class. So that’s why it is all the more reason that is each of our responsibility to help each other out. We will get better not just individually but as a whole. And trust me if you are brave enough to help someone reach a goal or perfect a movement, you will be thanked.

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