Trainer Poser

A friend of mine from work approached me recently to help her get on track fitness wise. (Which mind you this was on Halloween and I was dressed like a bear. Not sure how she thought I was a suitable choice!) She is ready to commit to making work outs part of her routine and requested that I train her. My initial reaction: flattered. My next reaction: umm I am not a coach nor do I play one on TV. I asked her some questions just to get a sense of what is driving this new leaf she wants to turn. I asked what her goals are or what she wants to focus on (not sure if I sounded like a friend, therapist of wanna be trainer).

At any rate, she expressed that she really just wants someone to keep her accountable and help her with some basics to get started. I told her I would be happy to do it, I just want to ensure I don’t put her at risk for injury nor do I just give her sloppy programming with no real plan.

This made me think a lot about whether I really should be the one to “train” her. I by no means intend to throw her into the CrossFit world. I recognize that there is a science to fitness and programming (which is why people get certified for that! What craziness and silliness it would be if there were a bunch of average Joe’s acting like Jillian Michaels).  I know how to push myself and what my body can and cannot handle. I don’t know yet what hers can do and I would be naive to think I am qualified to be her trainer. But surely I can help her learn some basic movements like sit ups, push-ups and air squats.

I could bow out and suggest she take group fitness classes. I could tell her to buy a fitness book and do her own programming. I could just tell her taking this on would be a bit over my head.

I know in my heart of hearts I wouldn’t do any of that. I am truly passionate about fitness and even though I am an athlete and not a coach, I want to see my friend through on this journey.

I write this blog really to get advice and suggestions from my friends who are coaches and trainers or who maybe have been in a similar situation (either in my friend’s shoes or mine). Are there recommended programs out there I can follow?  Is there an app even that we can use and I can take the role of ensuring she keeps good form and doesn’t get injured?

I welcome all advice so lay it on me J

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