Our Friends, Pull-Ups

From LAX CrossFit website that I blogged for http://laxcrossfit.com/2014/11/our-friends-pull-ups/

Before CrossFit, I thought only one kind of pull up existed. The old fashioned elusive “Strict” pull up. Those were hard enough to do. Personally I never could until a few years ago. I am having a flashback to those embarrassing moments in high school where part of the Physical Education testing was to do an unassisted pull up. My scrawny arms couldn’t even come close.  Then I started my CrossFit journey and was in awe of watching athletes rep out all sorts of pull ups: strict, kipping and butterfly.
Ok so right there, that’s 3 types of pull ups.

Soon I was introduced to other variations: chest to bar, weighted strict, L-pull ups and even negatives. That’s 7.

Does the variety of pull ups ever end? No actually it really doesn’t. I googled pull ups and found a whole more slew of them, including variations of how you grip the bar and thus changing the pull up itself. Reverse grip, Static Commando Pull Up (and no this has nothing to do with doing a pull up sans your unmentionables), and even an In and Out Grip, to name a few.

What this reiterates is you can never not be challenged by pull ups.  You can set goals for pull ups as simple as get 1 strict or maybe you want to work your way up to a bar muscle up (as according to our friend Wiki it is part of the pull up family). There are some pull ups that might also help you in other areas of fitness you do. So be warned you might see me haphazardly practicing Thai Clinch Pull Ups to help me work on strength for kickboxing.

I found this link online with a video of 30 different variations. Check it out for ideas and inspiration here:  http://undergroundgym.com/30-pull-variations-beginner-advanced/

Some other fun pull-up facts I found in my research:

-The most pull ups in one minute is 42 achieved by David Bourdon (USA) at the Pacific Health Club in Liverpool, New York, USA, on 22 March 2014.

– The world record for consecutive pull-ups (palms faced outwards) is 612 achieved by 70-year-old Lee Chin-Yong of Korea on December 29, 1994. The feat took 2hr 40min to complete (can we have him come to LAX and demo this please?)

-Webster defines a pull-up as: an exercise in which you hold onto a bar above your head and then pull your body up until your chin is above the bar (who wants to write Webster and request an updated definition?)

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