Be a Cheerleader

*I posted this on LAX CrossFit’s page found

**For context, the wod I am referencing in the below is:

3 Rounds of:

500m row
15 hand release push ups
25 KB swings @ 1.5 pd

Today’s WOD was damn hard. 2 out of the 3 movements in it were not my strengths but that was all the more reason to push through it. I was the last one done and was close to not even finishing it. That of course did not happen as I am lucky to wod with amazing athletes. I had a small cheering section pushing me to get through the rest of the kettlebell swings before the 20 minute time cap hit. If it wasn’t for them, I would have just had a staring contest with the damn thing until time ran out. LAX’ers would never let that happen and I am extremely grateful for them. We are each others cheerleaders.

That doesn’t always happen though.  I have been on both sides of the coin.  There are times I finish before others without paying them attention, and then there are times I have been the one struggling wishing someone would come over and scream at me to keep going. We are all guilty of both scenarios.   So, next time you get done with the WOD, before you start to clean up your equipment or go to shoot the shit with your friends coming into the next class, look around the box to see who else might still be working out. Those last minutes or even seconds of a workout are sometimes where we need each other the most for that extra push. Be a friend and show some camaraderie. It’s what helps us all keep coming back for more.

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