The Things Kids Say

After spending a week with my nieces and nephews, I am tickled by all the funny things they said. Being around them makes me beyond happy and I would like to share some of the highlights of things they said to me.

While Abby and I were washing her hands in the bathroom (Abby is a sassy 2, almost 3 year old):
Abby: “Aunt Missy, is that your butt paste?”
Me: “No, that’s toothpaste.”
Abby: “No, butt paste.”
Me: “No, it’s Tanny’s toothpaste.” (Tanny is what my nieces and nephews call my mom, their grandmother)
Abby: “Oh, toothpaste.”

Leah (6 years old) and I were gabbing away and got to talking about marriage.
Leah: “Aunt Missy, you aren’t married yet?”
Me: “No.”
Leah: “How old are you?”
Me: “25.” (kids believe anything)
Leah: “How many years until you get married?” (Leave it to a 6 year old to make me feel shitty about being single)
Me: “I don’t know.”
Leah: “Well you aren’t of an age to be married yet.”

Thanks, Leah 🙂

Leah and Nate (5 years old) were getting ready for “quiet time.” Now that they are a little older, in lieu of napping, they take quiet time where they stay in their rooms and read or do something that doesn’t require them running around like crazies.
My brother said to Leah and Nate: “You guys can take quiet time with Aunt Missy.”
Leah: “But she will just fall asleep!” She knows me too well.

After spending most of the day in NJ and a 4 hour drive to Maryland, we got back to my brother’s house. Nate was of course trying to wrestle me and stuck his hand on my back.
Me: “Nate, are you touching my back? Is that your hand I can feel on it?”
Nate: “Yes.”
Me: “How can I feel that?”
Nate: “You have a big hole in your shirt.”
Me (as I reached behind): “I do?!”
Nate giggling: “Yes.”
Me: “I have been walking around all day with a big hole in my shirt and nobody told me?”
Nate: “I was having too much fun today to stop and tell you.”
If that’s not love, I just don’t know what is.

I asked Abby, “Where does Aunt Missy live?”
Her answer: “CrossFit.” I can almost count that as correct based on a technicality that I do spend a lot of time there.

Abby and I were hanging out playing, shooting the shit about typical 2 year old stuff when she said to me, “Ok that’s enough from you. No more questions.

Nate was sitting on a rocking chair that was a hand-me-down from my childhood. I said to him and Leah, “When I was your age, your daddy, Aunt Stacy and I used to rock on that chair.” Leah’s typical response, “Oh then it must be pretty old.”


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