Did You Reach Your 2014 Goals?

As you all probably realize by now, I tend to post a lot for LAX CrossFit and then post to here. Some of you aren’t on Facebook  and so I want to make sure you get to continue to read all my posts by putting them here too.

This one I posted for them today and I think whether you do CrossFit or not, there may be some take aways to look back at whatever goals you set for yourself this year, fitness related or not. Hope there’s a little nugget of inspiration in here for all of you. Enjoy!

We all have goals (at least we should all have goals!). We should be setting a plan to reach them.  If we are smart about the goals we set and how to get to them, then it’s a no brainer, we should get there.

That’s in a perfect world where no outside factors ever come into play and we are super human.  I do sincerely hope all of you reached your goals this year but I suspect like me, you reached some while others are still out there for the taking. With 2014 wrapping up, now is a great time to really sit down and take a long, hard and honest look at why you may not have reached a goal.

Here are some things that in my humble opinion will help you understand why you did not reach a goal (and don’t be surprised if you’ve heard this all before. They are probably more of reminders than Opera-Aha kind of moments):

  1. Did you come up with a realistic goal? You can’t run before you learn to walk. Was a muscle up your goal when you still are working on unassisted ring dips? Maybe you need to break your goal up into the right progression so you don’t skip a step leaving yourself feeling frustrated.
  2. Did you come up with a plan to get there? If a muscle up was your goal, did you go right to the rings to try to do one without first mastering a false grip and practicing the transitions with a band? (Ok busted, this would be me in this example)
  3. Did you have a plan but did not spend the right amount of time investing in it? Maybe you want to get a strict pull up but you haven’t spent more than 5 extra minutes a month working towards this. (BTW, if you want to really know what it takes to reach a goal, talk to Marlene or Steve. They work harder than most people I know and really put the time in at the box. Take a page out of their books.)
  4. Did you let the world know what your goal is? I say this is in all seriousness: sing about it, blog about it, post about it, and even write it on the goal board. The more people who know, the more likely you are to reach your goal. For one, it keeps you accountable. Two, the more people who know, the more likely it is that you’ll get tips from them that will you help in practicing and training.
  5. Did you really commit to your goal? I am not just talking about putting time into it (as mentioned in #3 above). I mean mentally. We all know we could be the very thing that gets in the way of our own success. Did you do all the above but yet you psyched yourself out? So when it came time to retest, even though you trained hard and smart, you were so nervous you wouldn’t hit your goal that you didn’t. You mentally sabotaged yourself. Negativity helps you reach your goal said no one ever.
  6. Did you let outside things get in the way of your goal? (*Disclaimer: Life happens and in a lot of cases it’s totally ok to put your goals to the side to focus on other things. Family, work, health/injuries, etc give you permission to derail goals). I am referring to cases where outside factors were more like excuses. Those are where you need to really take accountability for them. Did you opt to stay up late every night watching movies when you were planning to get up an extra 15 minutes early to put in goal practice before the WOD and ended up sleeping through your alarm clock? Did you opt for more happy hours than you did gym time?  Did you let a bad day at work mess with you to the point that it put you in a mood that ended up distracting you from staying positive and focused? “My boss pissed me off today and I am still so mad, I can’t get a PR on my clean.”
  7. Which leads me to accountability. The common theme in all of the above is you are the only one who can make your goals happen. Yes, you can get help from people and guidance but if you don’t practice good habits, it’s worthless. It’s like reading a million books on cooking without ever actually making something in the kitchen. (I really need to work on better analogies! New goal for 2015).

Failure is part of success as you all know. So learn from what didn’t work this year to make 2015 your year to really shine.

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