No Rep!

(Posted today to LAX CrossFit:

Competitions: we all love them, right??? We must because we keep doing them. After we compete, from time to time we talk smack about the judges who no repped us. “Man I would have had that 235 clean if that damn judge didn’t no rep me.” Maybe, just maybe, the judge made the right call. When we wod on our own, sometimes we get called out on form and reps by the coaches but for the most part we are left to police ourselves. There could be things we do (or don’t do) that in a competition without even realizing, would result in the dreaded NO REP! To avoid this and some other competition snafus, here are some tips to commit to memory.

1. LOCK OUT! For many movements, a rep is not complete if you do not fully lock out. In a clean for example, make sure you are in a full standing position with your knees locked out as well as having your elbows locked out. For a push press or push jerk even, make sure your arms are fully locked out overhead before you bring the bar back down.

2. Full extension. This could be for many movements: deadlifts, presses, etc. In a burpee, when you jump up, make sure your hips are fully extended before you drop down into the next one. When you do a box jump, fully extend at the top of the box before you hop back down.

3. Full depth in squats. What’s worse than doing 20 wall balls? Doing 30 because you didn’t get full depth in the squat. Don’t  create more work than you need. You want that 145# squat clean? Get low low low.

4. Complete the movement. Duh right? You would be surprised that people do not always do this. Athletes can be so jacked up on adrenaline and moving at the speed of light, it’s easy to not fully finish a movement. If you have to do a box jump over, make sure that you jump OVER the box. This doesn’t mean do a box jump and then drop off the back. Go from side to side. In a split jerk, make sure you bring your feet back to parallel before you drop the bar. In an American Kettlebell Swing, make sure you get that kb overhead.  Hit the target on a wall ball. If you have a mark to touch on a rope climb, make sure you do before you Spiderman on down. You get the idea.

5. Be cognizant of rules that could result in a penalty, like burpees. Often you cannot drop a wall ball or a kettlebell or even a plate you use for overhead lunges. I know. I get it.  You get done with reps, you are tired and you want to slam that shit down. DON’T if the rules do not permit it.  Or if you have to cover ground like in lunges or handstand walks, you could potentially have to go back a few steps. Every second counts and you will be mad if you have to take a penalty for something like that.

6. Chin up! For pull ups, make sure your chin gets over the bar. Chest to bar, make sure your chest actually makes contact with the bar.

7. Tag in and out. I have seen this happen a lot at the Grid and I imagine other team competitions are the same. An athlete leaves the starting mat before getting properly tagged in.  If you have to physically tag another athlete in by making hand to hand contact, make sure you do. No air high fives or  a secret wink. Tag each other. Hearing a judge yell “GO BACK!” hurts just as much as a no rep. Trust me.

Judges will do their best to tell you what to correct when they no rep you. Listen to them! You may get one free pass at what should be a no rep but next time, the judge won’t give you that rep. If you have to do a burpee broad jump that requires you to clear a marked line, landing on the line is a no rep. If the judge tells you this, be sure to correct it so that on the next one you cross that line. Otherwise, you will be doing burpees all live long day (and other than me, I don’t know many people who would actually enjoy that). Keep in mind too judges do not enjoy no repping or giving out penalties. They are there to keep the scoring consistent and fair for all athletes. Imagine training really hard to only be beat by someone who totally cheated movements. So let’s be good CrossFit citizens and stick to the rules. Now, go compete and get some good reps!

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