2015: Abs of Steel

I posted this for LAX CrossFit today.

Zoo and I are on a mission to get amazing abs. It’s always been a problem area for me so I am finally doing more about it. On top of my regular workouts, I’ve started doing abs specific ones to help with my core strength and stability.

If you think doing all those sit ups in “Annie” is tough, I say it’s a piece of cake compared to the ab workouts Zoo and I have been doing the last few weeks. You may have noticed us doing some weird stuff recently. I can explain. In an effort to conquer a tough area, we’ve embarked in doing about 3 extra credit WOD’s a week to get great abs and  super strong cores in 2015 (and to hold our own besides Alex PD and Keenan within LAX Team United Nations for the Legendary Competitor Affiliate Showcase in Feb). Because Zoo is Zoo (i.e. one of the best coaches ever) she has come up with really creative and challenging workouts. I had no idea how many different movements she would find that would take ab work to a whole new level. In case anyone is interested in doing some extra credit too, here are a few of the workouts we have done:

4 Rounds:
20 GHD sit-ups
40 leg raises
10 glute ham raises
40 bicycles

4 Rounds:
5 back extensions
10 GHD sit-ups
15 v-ups
20 bicycles
30 sit-ups
40 obique KB raises (1 pd)

4 Rounds:
5 manmakers (10# dumbbells)
20 single leg reach (each leg)
10 plank punches
6 slamball twist lunge steps
10 Good Mornings (65#)

And the most recent one that was a real bitch… I would like to affectionately name it “Zoo”:

4 Rounds:
1 min overhead static hold with a barbell (65# or if you want Zoo Plus do 85#)
2 L-sit pull ups
20 med ball situps (14#)
40 leg raises

So go get to it everyone. Forget LAX tank tops, we are all going to be sporting crop tops soon.

l sitoverhead hold

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