Farewell Resolutions

My take on New Year’s Resolutions (also posted here: http://laxcrossfit.com/2014/12/farewell-resolutions/)

2014 is just about done which means new year, fresh beginnings. I’m not a big advocate for New Year’s Resolutions mostly because we vow to do them a few glasses of champagne in on NYE and completely forget about them a few days later. Instead, I think we should all use the new year to reset behaviors and expectations of ourselves as an ongoing thing (and forgive ourselves when we slip up).

I did some real heavy analysis (aka I googled) to find the most common New Year’s Resolutions and am offering up alternatives to them.

1) Lose weight. Ok so this isn’t a bad resolution per say but it’s vague. Come up with a plan to actually change something in your diet or workouts to accomplish this. Instead of “Lose Weight”, try “Eat more protein and less sugar” or “Add 1 more workout per week”.

2) Be More Social. Ok so maybe you feel like you spend more time on your couch than you do going out or maybe you feel like you are always the person left off of social invites. Instead of “Be More Social” make your resolution something like “Talk to 1 new person a week.” You can easily accomplish this when you are at LAX. Think of it as networking and getting out of your comfort zone instead of trying to get yourself out of anti-social mode.

3) Get Rid of Stress. Unless you are planning to make a major life change, like switch jobs or dump the douche you are dating, let’s face it, stress isn’t going anywhere. Try making it more of  a mantra to not allow your triggers to stress you out. Perhaps something like “Take a 20 minute mediation break every day at work.” To sound all yogi and stuff, get yourself centered and keep things in perspective. (Chances are if you are stressed outside of the box, it’s somehow translating into your time in the box. And since our lives are very CF-centric, let’s get our heads on straight).

4) Help Others, Volunteer. I love this one because come the end of the year, a lot of us start feeling like we took a lot this past year but we didn’t give. And what better way to clear our consciences than to volunteer? I am by no means knocking volunteering. I volunteer regularly and find it gratifying as well as beneficial to the people who need my time. My advice is to figure out the best way you can impact someone else and make your volunteering time worthwhile for everyone. It’s like fitness. If you don’t find something that works for you, you end up not keeping up with it. Instead of “Help Others, Voluteer”, do your research and make your resolution “Volunteer 40 hours a Year to XYZ Organization.”

5) Be Less Grumpy.  Negative Nancies aside, chances are you are grumpy for one reason or another. It could be that you don’t get enough sleep. You work too many hours. You hang out with the wrong people. Figure out what it is that is making you one of the 7 Dwarfs and make your resolution to correct that. “Get 7 hours of sleep every night.” or “Leave work by 5:30 once a week.”

2 thoughts on “Farewell Resolutions

  1. Hi Missy,

    Great advice! I’m not one for formal resolutions but I do take a look at where I am and what needs tweaking. Your blog is a good place to start the process. Happy New Year!



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