2015 and I… So Far

2015 is shaping up to be an interesting year already. If you are following me on Facebook or Instagram, you probably have seen the explosion of posts and pics I have been firing away this year. I do hope the influx of updates is keeping you entertained but more importantly inspired. That is my true intent and not to bombard or annoy people with all of it. So having said that, I do hope you continue to follow me as I want to give you a few status updates on my world of fitness!

LAX CrossFit 100 Day Burpee Challenge:

Burpees are one of the most dreaded movements in CrossFit and in fitness as a whole. Yet they are such a good efficient movement to build strength and endurance and get that heart rate pumping. I did a challenge like this two years ago and while it was for sure dififcult, it was one of the most beneficial things I could have done. In an effort to be a Burpee Ambassador, I am organizing the same challenge. It’s officially through LAX CrossFit but it is open to anyone. If you are interested, it starts THIS COMING MONDAY 1/12. I created a public group LAX Crossfit 100 Day Burpee Challenge. Let me know if you would like to be added.

The rules are simple (and I am taking these from the 100 Day Challenge I did a few years ago, thanks Nikki!):

The rules:

1. ROM: Chest must hit ground, must jump at top of Burpee, both feet leave ground, with hands over head or clap behind head.

2. 1 burpee the first day, 2 burpees the second day, 3 burpees the third day… for a 100 days straight.

3. If for some reason you do NOT complete the Burpees for any given day you can make them up on the next day. For example: Say on day 10 you do not do your Burpees, on day 11 you can do 10 Burpees for your 10th day and then 11 for the day you are on. That means you would do a total of 21 Burpees for that day.

4. If you miss more than 3 days, you are out of the challenge, and go back to hating Burpees.

5. If you have Burpees in a WOD that day.. they can be applied toward that day.. not the next one. If there are extra Burpees… LUCKY YOU!

6. You can split the Burpees up during that day. Say if you are on day 60. You can do 30 in the morning and 30 in the evening.. or split it up anyway you want. You just have to complete all 60 by the days end.

7. During holidays or vacations you must submit at least one picture of you doing Burpees to prove you are still moving. (Post to this page)

8. Wednesday April 22nd will be the 100th day!!

I encourage everyone to post pictures, words of encouragements, bloopers, anything to keep everyone motivated. It will be really tempting at some points to bail but DON’T! Trust me, you will feel so elated to be part of the elite who get through 100 days.

Since we are all adults and this is an honor system challenge, let’s keep it real. If you miss more than 3 days and do not make up the burpees, no boasting rights for you!

Abs Workouts

My midsection has always been a problem area for me. Instead of spending my energy moaning about it, my friend (and coach), Zoo and I have started doing dedicated workouts to abs (on top of our regularly scheduled workouts).  There are so many movements to do to help strengthen and define our cores. I have been amazed at the programming Zoo has put together. If you are interested in doing any of the workouts we have, I have started posting pictures of them to Instagram and Facebook. I also am now using the hashtag #operationsportsbra so you can also check there.

Here is the blog I posted to LAX CrossFit about abs: http://laxcrossfit.com/2014/12/2015-abs-of-steel/

Tabata Times

Ok so I am saving the best update for last as this is where I derive the most happiness and satisfaction from. My whole life I have loved writing. As a little kid, I used to take time away from playing with my siblings and friends to write short stories. In college I minored in Writing (I was going to major in it but wasn’t sure what I would do with it.. oh how I wonder where I would be if I had. oh well, no regrets right?) While I have always had a passion for writing, I have never known quite exactly what to do with it. I struggled with trying to find a venue for writing that suited me. About a year ago, I got into blogging more heavily. It started by writing a post competition psot for LAX CrossFit to guest blogging for them from time to time (to now writing for them regularly). Then of course I started this blog (which I love!) A few weeks ago, my friend and workout partner, Marlene, forwarded me a link to a website called Tabata Times. They were looking for writers for their site and after applying, I was selected to be one of them. A few days after, I submitted my first post to them (it was one I had already posted to LAX). Anyways, Tuesday morning I got a text from Marlene that it was featured and was getting a lot of traffic.Link here: http://www.tabatatimes.com/no-rep-8-tips-to-make-sure-you-are-competition-ready/

So thank you Marlene, Tabata Times and everyone who has helped me get featured! While I realize this may sound trivial to some, it’s quite a big deal for me. It’s like things are finally clicking and I have found my niche: writing for CrossFit. Who would have thought this is where I would land?? The post has already gotten about 240 likes and 75 shares on Facebook. That’s HUGE! I can only dream of finding that own following on my own so it’s a great opportunity for me to extend my writing network. So thank you all because had I not been blogging here and getting my rhythm going, I may  not have been brave enough to post else where.

Happy 2015 to all and may the blogging continue!

Appreciate Your Current Version


We are our own worst critics. I know that is 100% true for me. (I even took an assessment at work for a Leadership program that validates this). I focus on what I want to fix and make better more than I do on what is working for me and the positives in myself. This applies to my emotional, mental, intellectual and physical beings For this post, I would like to focus on the physical because well as a female, I am sure I am not alone in what I would like to share.

I cannot remember a time that I was ever feeling truly confident in my own skin. Maybe when I was about 30 or 31 and had lost about 12 lbs and had a solid tan going. (you can take a girl out of Jersey…) Other than that, any confidence is typically short lived. I have a trained eye that hones in on my imperfections and hardly ever notices the good qualities. Even recently, when I lost almost 3% body fat I still wasn’t satisfied. In a recent quest to get my photos organized, I have been stumbling across pics of me throughout the last few years and can find something I don’t like in any one of them. Or if I do like the way I look in the pic, I assume it’s a fluke or just a really good camera angle.

Here is the perfect example. Recently, a friend of mine took a picture post WOD. I was sporting shorts (which for those who know me appreciate that this is a big deal. I had never been a fan of them as they aren’t typically the most flattering thing to wear). Anyways, I was looking at the pic later (ok maybe not so much looking and more like meticulously inspecting). I was wondering if my legs really looked as lean and toned in “real life” as they do in the picture. Being the total freak that I am, I texted my friend to ask her. She quickly responded and basically told me I am nuts and yes they always look like that. (a good friend gives tough love).

There will always be parts of my body that I want to somehow alter, whether it is to get leaner, get more toned or whatever else I can possibly do to change it. I don’t think I will ever be satisfied with my physical appearance. It’s not from being a perfectionist, it’s from being female. Female in a world where we put so much emphasis on the physical. I know rationally that I should be happy in my own skin. I have two legs, two arms, and I can move about unrestricted. I know that while I may see what is imperfect, others see the positives. While I may see someone else who I wish I could somehow magically transform into, chances are there may be a person from time to time that crosses paths with me that says the same thing.

My point is… I.. WE need to learn to accept ourselves the way we are. Yes we can still strive to improve but we shouldn’t devote all our energy and time to the point that we are beyond obsessed and miss life around us.