Affiliate Showcase Low Down

The Teams

This past Saturday LAX had 3 fierce teams compete at the Legendary Competitor Affiliate Showcase in the Scaled Division at the Fit Expos held at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Our roster was:

Team Guns and BunsBenzo, Garrett (he’s still loyal to us even if he switched boxes to be closer to his new gig), Sheena and Megan Enge

Guns n Buns

Team Go Thrust Yourself: Coach Nick, Coach Salty, Marlene and Amy Simpson

Team Go Thrust yourself

Team LAX United Nations: Coach Keenan, Alex PD, myself (Missy) and Coach Zoo

Team LAX United Nations

There were so many of us competing that it’s like we almost lost sight of other teams in an effort to support each other. There was a strong sense that we all genuinely wanted to make LAX proud and prove that hard work pays off. Prior to the competition, each team had independent practices but it was a “share the love” kind of effort. We exchanged strategies and tips with each other and kept the morale (and occasional teasing) going until the big day.  It was sportsmanship at its best. In the end, when it was go time, each team ended up with very different strategies for every one of the 3 workouts. It goes to show that the beauty of a team is that you can play into everyone’s strengths.

So much hugg'n it out!

More hi-5's and hugs before and after each WOD

Not only did LAX represent in terms of athletes competing but we had our very own Abo and Kimmie no reppin’ as judges. (P.S. judging is a great experience to see a different side of competing and I encourage all of you to consider doing this at least once. Chat up our resident judges to get more info if interested). Between other LAX members, coaches, friends, family, coworkers and significant others, we also had a tremendous support system in the crowd cheering all of us on. (Not to forget all the people who sent us good luck texts and messages that morning). All of this makes competing that much sweeter. You see a familiar face everywhere you turn which definitely helps to calm down jitters.

best Judges ever!

After a bit of a grueling day of working out, we came out victorious. Everyone gave it their all which is what competing is all about.  Here are a few highlights (and by no means do these even begin to capture all the awesomeness the ensued). Salty banged out 15 thrusters in 22 seconds. Benzo got to the top of the rope climb in about 2 pulls. I survived (barely) wall balls to a 10 foot target. Keenan at lightning speed squeezed in 50 double unders to help get LAX United Nations some extra reps before the time cap. Zoo did 15 power cleans unbroken. Marlene snatched a heavy 75 barbell. Amy back squatted 95 lbs about a million times like it was her warm up. Garrett was part of a human rack for his team to use for back squats making transitions faster and hence more reps hence leading to a better score. Sheena was smiling during all the workouts making everyone believe she was loving every second while still being a force to reckon with. Megan kept a steady and quick pace on back squats without ever slowing down. Alex (unplanned) helped getting a lot of weighted double unders (this is NOT an easy thing to do). And Nick moved 135 lbs from ground to overhead like it was nothing.

Always a strong support presence

For some who compete, they do it to win. For most people though, it’s about getting out of our comfort zone which is how we keep getting better and stronger. (Having said that, special shout out to Go Thrust Yourself who landed in an impressive 6th place in the Scaled Division).

Classic Salty face

All the teams cheering on Coach Keenan

Garrett leaving had absolutely nothing to do with the unprofessionalism of his team mates dancing mid WOD

Team Effort

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