Go to the Doctor!

This blog is strictly a public service announcement. I have been guilty of something and are hearing of this same mindset more and more that it worries me. I will sound like your mother in this but quite frankly, it’s a reminder we all need.

When something in our bodies hurts or feels off, we find what we think are the right remedies. We take a few rest days, soak in the tub with epsom salts, we tape, we try magical creams. We try everything except the very obvious thing we often need to do which is: Go to the Doctor!

Don’t get me wrong, those remedies are great but they will not necessarily fix whatever is wrong. They may relieve pain and inflammation, however in some cases, they will not be enough to get you fully functional. There’s the right time for all of them and it is important to know when they are not enough.

We delay going to the doctor because we do not want to hear that we are injured. We worry that if we go, we will get bad news and will have to stop working out. We do a handful or more of the aforementioned remedies and sure, we may feel fine for a few days but then boom, we do a movement that sets us back. And so it goes until we are in so much pain we have nothing left to do but go to the doctor.

I am urging everyone to know the difference in their bodies of being fatigued or sore from a workout versus your body sending your brain messages that something is not right. In those cases, the longer you avoid it, chances are the worse it will get. A lot of times we are injured from bad form or mechanics and while resting or taping may relieve the pain, it isn’t fixing the problem. It’s just alleviating the symptoms.

Going to the doctor also may not necessarily mean you are going to leave crying.  Your muscles may just be really tight and he recommends some massages. Maybe you are wearing the wrong shoes and he will suggest inserts. Maybe you are on the cusp of injury and are in that zone where you can turn it around quickly. It could be a million things. Whatever it is, go find out so you can deal with it. Plus, the sooner you uncover what it is, the less recovery you may need.

Injuries always seem to come at the most inopportune times. It’s in the middle of Barbell Club or right before a competition or when you are so close to reaching some goal. There’s never a great time to feel like your fitness is restricted, but take it from me it’s just plain reckless to ignore it.

When you start hearing your friends who work out with you complaining of the same aches and pains, be a real pal and urge them to go to a doctor. For you stubborn peops out there that are doing some pain management tactics, do yourself a favor and Go to the Doctor.

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