The Spiritual Side

 Disclaimer: This is quite the departure from what I typically blog about.  If you trust that I have not lost my marbles, then indulge yourself and please, read on.

Psychics, mediums, spiritual healers… they completely amaze and awe me. I utterly dig that world and totally believe in things out there beyond what we know in the physical world.(I confess to reading my share of books on the topic as well as going to see Theresa Caputo’s live experience once. Ok, fine, I have gone twice). I do not consider myself to be a religious person, but spiritual? Absolutely! That is, in my own way.  I believe life is a series of lessons to continuously make us better people. I believe in always striving towards something and constantly improving to be the best we can be. I am very much in touch with the things I want and need versus those that are superfluous and superficial. I am quite self -aware and have taken a lot of steps to truly understand what motivates me, what upsets me and what brings me happiness. I also believe with all my heart that there are things and beings out there that work to shape us and our lives. It is what we do with the messages they give us that can truly impact how we live our lives. 

I recently escaped LA living for a few days in Palm Desert with my bestie from college. After about 2 years since last seeing each other, all we wanted was tranquility, relaxation and having the chance to catch up. Upon checking into Two Bunch Palm Palms ( we noticed sign up sheets for different classes and workshops offered that day. We honed in on the one calling our names, Spiritual Healing.  

Donna, the Spiritual Healer, was warm and wonderful. She said 3 things in particular that resonated with me that I want to share with you. Regardless if you think the method in which I acquired this info is hokey or not, hopefully you find some inspiration in it.

First, she spoke about this concept that most of the world’s population is asleep. Only about a 1/3 of us are awakened (I am proud to be part of that 1/3). What does this mean exactly? People who are asleep are not in touch with spirituality and probably do not have any desire to be. As I said earlier, I equate spirituality with a personal path of growth. So if someone is asleep, then it’s quite likely they are not open to learning more about themselves.  As Donna was talking about this, a flood of “types” of people went through my brain. There is the type of people who are not accountable for their lives or “bad luck” as they call it. They are the victims of life time and time again without ever trying to understand their part in. Don’t get me wrong, I am not justifying bad things happening to good people. I am though suggesting that when people have patterns, it is usually something in themselves more than the other people or situations.   There is also the group of people who think they have life all figured out. Yeah trying going to those people when you are a crossroad and want some good perspective. Often people I have encountered in my own life who are asleep are not people who are part of my life for long. As I am part of the awakened population, the older I get, the more increasingly difficult I find it to relate to people who are not on some kind of life journey. 

The second message Donna said that I found to be particularly powerful is that miracles come from having gratitude. Often we fall into feeling entitled to things. Anyone who has ever managed people can for sure relate to this. It is like there is a notion that some kind of scientific calculation of doing A and B will get you C.  It does not always work out that way (and usually getting pissed when it doesn’t happen does not result in things magically going your way). On the flip side, when you truly appreciate what goes into something, like hard work, good will, and respect for yourself and others, it creates a more positive space to be in. Being positive, modest and gratuitous is what will get you those miracles you desire. 

Lastly, she reminded us that it is ok to be selfish with our time which includes giving ourselves permission to not be around negative people.  We lead busy lives where we interact with many people, whether it’s coworkers, classmates, fellow gym goers, other shoppers… you name it. There are plenty of negative people I cannot avoid nor can I change (like at work) so when it comes to my personal time, I reserve the right to be picky about who I spend it with.  One of the things I have come to understand about myself is that I seek a connection in my friendships and relationships. I treasure spending time with people who leave me feeling gratified and content. I like being around people who call me out on my shit and help me on my journey of being the best possible version of me. I am not perfect nor do I strive to be. I do strive to minimizing the negative in myself and so being around anyone that brings that out in me, are simply people I chose not to be around. I say this because I know how hard it is to say no to invites or people since we tend to have a strong sense of obligation. Giving yourself permission to be selfish with your time is actually quite liberating. 

These are all things I have heard before Donna expressed them in some form or another. They easily are forgotten as often old thoughts prevail. I do truly live by all 3 of these ideas and I find myself continuously happier the more I practice them. So I share these as perhaps these simple reminders can somehow bring you the same.