Super Aunt’s Observations on How Kids Get it Right

 After a week with my family over Thanksgiving week and being a self proclaimed Super Aunt, I feel so much love and gratitude for the innocence and wisdom of kids. Seriously. I found myself marveling at rather basic thing they do that are in actuality rather symbolic of wisdom that adults should take note of. Here are just a few.

  1. Kids have no problem saying when they don’t want something or don’t like something. My 4 year old niece did not want me to tickle her (or take selfies with her, the audacity!) I respect that she set her boundaries. Adults should do more of this (when appropriate) as opposed to being polite on the surface and seething on the inside.
  2. Kids show remarkable sportsmanship. I was playing checkers with my 7 year old nephew when his 8 year old sister (my niece) wanted to get in on the action. My nephew was gracious enough to let us explain strategy to her as she was new to the game. We would have her move one of her checkers so that we could visually show her what the outcome would be. We had so much fun playing, interacting, bantering and coming up with strategies. My niece and nephew understand the simple concept that it is not always about winning (which makes for a proud auntie).  I always maintain that we should surround ourselves by solid people who challenge us. Besides, easy wins are not nearly as fun or fulfilling than ones you have to work for.
  3. Kids read actual books. Not social media feeds or text messages. Old fashioned books that have characters, plots, beginnings and endings. It expands their minds, thinking and creativity. The last few months I have made it a point to get lost in my kindle before bed as opposed to seeing what everyone else in the world is doing. It is nice to escape reality, well if you consider social media to be reality (and have Jamie Fraser be the last thing on my mind instead of some god awful Trump update before I drift off to la la land).
  4. Kids take quiet time. They go in their rooms and read or play quietly on their own. They get down time. Granted, I have no clue what kids are thinking during this time. Are they pondering recent recess drama? Or perhaps fantasizing about an ice cream treat? Maybe they just get lost in their own imaginations. Whatever it may be, they take some time each day to themselves and check out from the rest of the world. As adults, we tend to feel like we always have somewhere to be or something to do or someone else to do something for. Take a few minutes to clear your head in whatever form works for you. Revel in your own thoughts and see where they take you.

  With the fun filled yet hectic holiday season upon us, it is so important to slow down when we can and take stock of all the important and fulfilling things around us. I vote to get lost in our families, friends and relationships and ourselves. Dare I say take a break from the political madness around us and recruit a child to play checkers with instead.